Friday, July 15, 2011


Till we meet again two fifth of the Rusa bros. Thanks for coming to Manchester to visit me.

Camera: Yashica 35 GSN
Film: Fujifilm Velvia 50 ( expired) , Red Scale XR 200

Eric Lee - Film student wrapped in Film (Sonisphere Festival)

Tim aka Big Boss - non film student wrapped in film ( Sonisphere Festival)

Sum 41 - we missed Gallows but at least we got to watch this band and The MARS VOLTA

Eric Lee and his fork

The crowd migrating towards the main stage for Weezer while the three of await fo rthe Mars Volta at the side stage.

Devil licking good - Tim aka Big Boss imitating Lee's signature move

Me and Lee and drunken man at the back.

Arcade Fire at Hyde Park

Me and man with the GNR Tattoo.

Me and Lee

Eric Lee

Tim aka Big Boss

Eric Lee

Tim aka Big Boss

Tim aka Samurai


They actually had Rides at Sonisphere.

Crowd waiting for the Mars Volta.

Bumper Car anyone?

Arcade Fire at Hyde Park.

Me and Lee drinking coffee after Mars Volta.

This dashing young man is Tim Big Boss.

Tim Big Boss

Lee and Tim before Arcade Fire.

sexiest man alive.



And more Lee

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tokyo in Monochrome

So this time round I ended up in Tokyo, a decision made purely on impulse which could probably be a decision which i regret making. The experience was pretty much as what i expected it to be and I knew i was not ready for Tokyo just yet. I pretty much got around the city speaking three basic phrases " Okanjo onegai Shimasu", " Kore wa Ikura Desu ka" and " Arigato gozaimasu". I would say its pretty unimpressive since I've been taking basic Nihongo for the past year but at least i got away whenever shopkeepers  stated the prices of their wares. For the most part of my time in this hectic and  busy city, I was wondering around the main areas like Shibuya, Shinjuku and Harajuku. Besides that I was immersing myself in the wide array of records at the CD shops of Recofan, Disc Union and Tower Records. This time round i decided to shoot in monochrome for most part and in both digital and analogue. I was testing out my new film SLR Canon EOS 1000F N. I hope you enjoy this amazing city of Tokyo though my lenses. I'm definitely coming back here but this time round with a much better proficiency in Nihongo.

Shibuya Crossing

Alone in Tokyo -Shibuya Crossing

Rushing - Shibuya Crossing

Man Waiting for train -at Jimbocho Station

Train stops at Jimbocho Station

Father and son - Jimbocho Station

Train - Jimbocho Station

Vending Machine - Roponggi

Lunch crowd - Roponggi


Mother and Child


The Samurai - Ōmura Masujirō










 Bicycle - Roponggi