Thursday, April 28, 2011

With Piss and Wine II - A Photo Journal

Photos were taken with a LCA+ and Yashica 35 GSN loaded with X-pro 200 and Velvia 50.

Our last day in Calais.
 The sign that got us across the channel.
 On the way to Lille and out of Paris!
 Wind Turbines along the the highway to Lille.
 We were watching the Sunset in Paris and this is how it looked like.
 Ruta and Myra looking at??
 The Eiffel Tower
We cycled a total of 33km around Paris. 
 Ruta hiding her face away from the camera.
 Chilling at Parc de Boulogne
 Gabriella, Myra and Ruta
 Woodstock Hostel in Paris
 I took the 0515hrs train to dover to link up Ruta and Myra
 The sun sets on the French Coast.
 Where is my french map??
 Paris anyone?
 Please give us a ride to paris? anyone?
 Ruta and me. We're finally going home!
"If only i could wake up to this every morning"- Ruta
My Golden Locks
Someone please give me a ride to dover?
After 5 espresso shots and Ruta is ready to go!
We spent three hours in the showers.
I always smile:)
I need a hair cut.
The Tunisian man who drove us from Paris to Lille.
On the way to Lille.
"Kenape ni, Sakit Kepale aku!"
If only we could take the train.
Street graffiti  in Paris.
In our hostel room.
You know you have to take a picture with the Eiffel Tower when you are in Paris.
Chilling again!
and again!
HitchHikers paraphernalia.
and again!
Eating our spicy sausages!
"marriage is bad for you health"
Honestly i cant remember where this was but its paris.
Getting our Bikes!
All that cycling made Myra go crazy.
We need a ride to Paris!
Greg the Armourer

At Lille saying goodbye to Greg.
Smoke Break on the ferry.
Finally back in Dover.

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