Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Walk into the Evening Sun

Camera - Yashica 35 GSN 35mm
Film - Fuji Velvia 50
Last Three photographs were taken with my Blackberry Torch.
Location- Lac Kir in Dijon, France

We decided to hike up the hills near Lac Kir which is located just outside central Dijon. Ruta wanted to show me a spot she found when she first came to Dijon in the summer that was overlooking the lake and the town center. But after a few minutes of finding the spot we continued further up the hills and onto the cliffs hoping to find something more. After climbing through the vegetation and rocks, to our surprise we ended up at this vast open field which had the sun setting on the horizon. This was probably one of the most breathtaking views I've ever seen. We literally walked towards the sun and spent almost an hour  sat on the fields enjoying the spectacular view, where we were able to see the hilly terrain surrounding the lake. It was one of those places where it bring you to a complete state of serenity just by being there. Well, I'm definitely coming back here again when I'm in Dijon to visit Ruta.

Ruta lazing on the grass!

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Sniffing flowers

Ruta shying away from the camera

Sun setting on the horizon

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Sun setting on the horizon


Walking Towards the Sun


Lost in the forest


Ruta says I look like a Red Indian Chief


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